LIPOGEN LLC is a young biotech company that focuses on discovery and characterization of novel therapeutics for treatment of cancer and obesity. We believe that targeting cancer at the very root of its existence is the most successful and the least invasive treatment option. While most of the treatments are consisted of either dealing with consequences of already developed disease, Lipogen is working on both early detection, and early inhibition of cancer’s growth potential. Our team of experienced scientist and entrepreneurs are dedicated to completely characterize and commercialize novel drugs for cancer treatment. Decades of research experience and business development among the member of our team scientists will ensure that LIPOGEN LLC will successfully reach the milestones in their projects and commercialize the products.

LIPOGEN LLC is a member of NJTC.



The Mission of LIPOGEN LLC is the elimination of cancer and related diseases. Our scientific team conducts research of the highest standard in order to generate new scientific discoveries and develop strategies, ultimately translating them into effective clinical practices for prevention and treatment of cancer and related diseases. 



  • Our scientists conduct fundamental research in the laboratory to discover mechanisms underlying the metabolism of normal cells and transformational changes in these processes that cause disease.
  • Clinical scientists develop and test new forms of therapy.
  • All scientists integrate their findings and insights to foster the development and testing of new therapeutic approaches.



Chenguang Wang, Ph.D. 

President of LIPOGEN LLC

Associate Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Dr. Wang has 21 years of laboratory experience, including 15 years focusing on cancer research, primarily in translational research such as biomarker discovery, targeted therapies, drug discovery and development. He played a key role in identifying next-generation lipogenic inhibitors. He also contributed to the biology for the discovery and development of selective SREBP1 inhibitors. He is an author on 200 publications (research article, review/book chapter, and meeting abstract) and an inventor on one patent.

Dr. Wang's Curriculum vitae

Vladimir M. Popov, Ph.D.

CEO & Principal Investigator of LIPOGEN LLC

Dr. Popov is a young investigator who co-founded LIPOGEN, LLC. Dr. Popov worked as a Head of Diagnostics in a hospital where he supervised the biomedical laboratory, incorporated new equipment, expended laboratory testing services and optimized lab workflow. Previous to that Dr. Popov held a position as a postdoctoral fellow at Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Popov has focused his work on characterizing the function of a novel tumor suppressor, DACH1 in breast cancer. As hormone dependent cancer represents the great majority of newly diagnosed breast cancer, his work was accenting DACH1 and its influence on hormone signaling and interaction with the estrogen receptor a in breast tumorigenesis. Dr. Popov presented at multiple international meetings and authored a number of research articles, scientific reviews and book chapters.  

Dr. Popov's Curriculum vitae

Junyuan Ji, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M Health Science Center

Trained as cell and developmental biologist, in the past two decades, Dr. Ji has focused his research in understanding the roles of CDKs in regulating cell cycle and transcription during normal development.  Using Drosophila and cultured human cancer cells as the experimental systems, his current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that control gene expression during development and tumorigenesis.  Recently, Dr. Ji together with his colleagues identified a conserved role of CDK8 in regulating lipid metabolism.  Dr. Ji is an author of more than 20 publications and a co-inventor of one patent.

Dr. Ji's Curriculum vitae