Currently, LIPOGEN LLC is conducting research and development on two independent projects. 

1. Developing a novel approach for the early detection of tumorigenic protein activity.

Significance of the latest discoveries of novel oncogenes has raised a considerable interest in targeting and inhibiting their function as means of cancer intervention. However, targeting cancer through specific oncogenes at early stage requires a sophisticated readout of their activity in vivo, which can evaluate the specificity, toxicity and efficacy of the drug. LIPOGEN is researching and developing a new approach that can be used for evaluating novel drug characteristics in vivo. This way, cancer can be treated at the early stage with high potency, efficacy and minimum toxicity.

2. Characterizing a novel molecule for treatment of various cancer types by suppressing the lipogenesis in cancer cells.

Instead of inhibiting cancer growth by targeting different factors that either cause cell proliferation, or stop the cell death, Lipogen is developing new technologies to target the very source of existence in cancer cells by stopping the lipid production. Since cancer cells produce over 80% of their lipids on their own, stopping this process within the cancer cell would inhibit cell’s ability to grow, therefore multiply and eventually metastasize.